The village Batelov is located in the Jihlava region, about 16 kilometres from the Jihlava town and about 20 kilometres southeast of Pelhrimov. The village consists of five local parts- Batelov, Bezdecin, Lovetin, Nova Ves and Racov. The original fortress was situated in place called “Na Vubci”. The other part of the village, with the second fortress lately, was set on a place of today’s castle. The castle ranks among local architectural monuments. It was built between 1739 and 1740 by the project of Arnost Blankenstein who gave it the today’s appearance. There is an educational establishment there now. Another point of interest is also the church of St. Petr and Pavel. Its construction was stared in 1755 and finished in about 1840.
Betelov - castleBetelov - castle
Area of BetelovaArea of Betelova
Betelov - churchBetelov - church